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Retiring in Texas? What Texas Seniors Should Know About Independent Living

There are over 3.7 million seniors who call the state of Texas home. Sprawling vistas, affordable cost of living and mild weather have made this a destination for many retirees who want to enjoy their next great adventure on Texas-sized skies. The popularity of the state with older adults has led to a boom in independent senior living options, offering a little something for everyone. Texas has no income tax, a low cost of living and plenty of mild-to-moderate sunshine. 

 If you’re a senior looking at independent living communities in Texas, here are some things you’ll want to know and consider during your search.  

What Is an Independent Senior Living Community?

The main goal of an independent senior living community is to help older adults thrive among others with similar interests and lifestyles. Community living eliminates the hassle of day-to-day maintenance and upkeep, so you can spend your time doing what you find most meaningful.  Independent living residents enjoy their own private residence, as well as access to amenities ranging from gourmet dining venues to state-of-the-art fitness centers. 

When Is Independent Living Right For You?

So, when is the ideal time to move to independent living? Although it may differ slightly from individual to individual, the best time is generally sooner rather than later and before you need to. 

The Sooner, The Better 

When seniors consider moving to independent living, they frequently discover that now is the perfect time. Beginning early allows for more time to settle into a new location, an opportunity to form connections with those who share the same hobbies and additional chances to enjoy the amenities of the community.

Before You Need To

While you may not be able to foresee what the future holds, you can prepare for it. There is no question that the cost of medical care is increasing, and 70% of older adults will need access to long-term care at some point. 

Texas has world-class healthcare centers throughout the state. Of the city’s 649 hospitals, 26% are located in rural areas. At an independent living community that offers Life Care, you will also have easy access to on-site health services. Many find that choosing a Life Care community can offer the comfort and stability of knowing that their future healthcare needs are planned for today.  

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Independent Living Community in Texas

In Texas, you can count on having plenty of choices for independent living communities. While you work to hone in on your top choice, take these three factors into consideration.


Texas offers a good mix of urban and rural areas to choose from, including exciting, vibrant cities like Dallas, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. Where you choose to live will play a big role in cost and the activities you want to enjoy. For example, despite the state’s overall low cost of living, independent living communities in Texas in larger cities may be more expensive than others. Additional factors to take into account when selecting a location are its accessibility to the city center, family and friends, cultural and entertainment options, as well as leisurely activities such as hiking trails or golf courses.  

Safety and Security

The crime rate in Texas has been on the rise, and older adults are often the most vulnerable. One benefit of independent senior living communities is that they can offer a more secure environment for seniors. 

Independent living communities that prioritize safety and security often implement measures such as secure entryways, emergency alert services and trained team members to conduct requested wellness checks. Be sure to ask about safety and security services and protocols. 

Services and Amenities

The weather in Texas is mild and sunny, so you’ll want to look for an independent living community that takes advantage of this. Look for outdoor recreation and leisure spaces that make the most of what the seasons have to offer. 

Every community will offer a different range of conveniences and amenities at your disposal. From enjoying a swim in an indoor pool to alleviating stress with housekeeping and linen services, it may be helpful to compose a checklist of preferences to evaluate which community corresponds best with your necessities and preferences.

Explore Independent Living at The Stayton

The Stayton is a resort-style independent living community in Fort Worth, Texas. We’re located close to all the culture and enrichment that Fort Worth’s city center provides. Our skilled and compassionate team is committed to supporting the independence of every resident with customized wellness plans and bespoke services and amenities. 

If you’d like to learn more about independent living at The Stayton for yourself or a loved one, contact us or schedule a tour today.

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