Fort Worth retirement community testimonials

Creating a culture of community.

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One of our goals as we get older is to simplify things, and living here makes things a whole lot simpler.

The Bryans, Residents

It’s beyond what I expected. It’s first class in every respect.

Jim Murray, Resident

The reason we chose The Stayton over other senior living communities in Fort Worth, is because of the way the building is structured. But the residents have been a great surprise. We knew nobody when we moved in. We now have 80 best friends.

The Deweys, Residents

I love the museums, and I love going to The Bass. I like being so close to downtown. I plan on living to 100. That’s one of the reasons I live at The Stayton, to be active.

Bobbie Dubbs, Resident

The general socialization here is fantastic. Everybody here is so friendly. Including the staff, they are so friendly and accommodating. They’ll take care of everything for you.

The Clays, Residents